Justin Landers

Justin owns Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions, a company that works across the World providing cinematic video, photography, and drone work. Check out his work by clicking here.

A Line Problem in a Pandemic Era – Are parks doing enough to eliminate Queue lines to avoid crowding?

Let’s talk about an issue I have noticed at a few parks since I have been revisiting them. It’s something that in a pre-pandemic world is annoying at best, but in a...

New SeaWorld Orlando Lien reveals details of 2021 project “Surf Coaster”

Last year there were reports of a new project coming to Seaworld Orlando. Dubbed the “Surf Coaster” – a new never before seen design from Bolliger and...

S&S Axis – Giving coasters a new swing.

S&S newest design, the Axis Coaster put’s a new swing on 4D roller coasters.