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24 hour party happening this summer at Disneyland, and Magic Kingdom?

It’s been a summer tradition for at least the past three years. There’s a massive 24 hour party at the Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland. Guests come, sweat the...

Keeper’s Tales: Raptors battle Jedi’s and a 24 hour party, who comes out ahead when story is sacrificed for merchandise

Greetings…You may call me keeper…for I am the keeper of theme park tales. Some tales are not as pleasant as others to tell. Some my editor would prefer I avoid...

Walt Disney World’s Coolest Summer Ever Event Schedule

We are now less than 48 hours till the kickoff for the Walt Disney World’s Coolest Summer Ever. These event’s have always been a huge draw due to the combing...

Start your summer with 24 hours of Disney and tons of activities at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland!

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