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Batman v Superman: Spoiler free review and why it’s so different

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has theaters, and critics HATED it. They flat out smashed it to pieces. Audiences were mixed about it, with comic book fans either...

SDCC 2015: I’m not gonna kill ya, just hurt ya real bad- Warner Bros. drops Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman and more!

San Diego Comic-Con was made for the Superheroes…and this year, for the super villains. The Warner Brothers panel just wrapped up, and while Batman vs. Superman,...

“Do you bleed?” THE BATMAN v Superman teaser is here!

This is just one hell of a week to be a geek. With Star Wars Celebration happening, and the massive reveal of the new Star Wars:The Force Unleashed teaser hitting the...

Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice teaser is here!

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