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Darien Lake throws a tantrum, and it leaves you on the edge of your seat

Ride Entertainment and Gerstlauer on a roll, because they left Darien Lake throwing a…Tantrum. Geez that was awful. Darien Lake and Ride Entertainment has brought...

Hang Time brings straight down thrills to Knott’s Berry Farm with amazing new coaster

  150 feet straight up, means only one thing…you have 150 feet straight down. Hang Time at Knott’s Berry Farm is now open, and we had the chance to...

Two new coasters coming to Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream Mall

Two new record breaking coasters are coming to the all new American Dream Mall in New Jersey. When the mall opens in 2019, it will be home to the all new Nickelodeon...

Iowas’ Adventureland Park to unveil The Monster in 2016

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