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Additional Day Added to Jurassic Park 25th Celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood

Due to overwhelmingly popular demand, and additional day (Sunday May 13) has been added for the upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration of the iconic Universal film....

LEGO Brings Iconic Jurassic Park Scenes to Life in New Set!

Fans of both LEGO and classic Jurassic Park rejoice! You can now own one of the most iconic scenes from the original 1993 classic in LEGO form. The set brings to life...

Universal Studios Hollywood to Host Epic 2-Day Jurassic Park Celebration in Honor of 25th Anniversary of the Franchise

This is a big year for not only fans of Universal parks but fans of one of Universal’s most beloved franchises, Jurassic Park. This year the original Jurassic Park...

Flying Dinosaurs, walking dinosaurs and much more debut at Universal Japan for 15th Anniversary

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