Episode 47:HHN-Ripped From the Conference Call!


Today saw the final update of the HHN Website. As was predicted we received a new Icon with an interesting backstory, and found out all the names to the houses, scarezones and shows. A few things we knew, but a few things we didn’t and the coolest part of all was that I got to sit down with J Michael Roddy director of Shows (and King of all things Halloween, and admittedly one of my heroes…I’m such a dork..) and Producer Oren Koules of the SAW Series. Click below to hear the call and to read more!

We’ve been seeing the rumbles for months. The site was seemingly dormant, than this week….BAM! We are introduced to the “Usher”. He’s a very loyal servant of the Universal Palace Theater, and very protective of it. Not to mention, all of the great horror films have come through there. On to the call. We were introduced to Roddy, and Twisted Pictures Oren Koules producer of the Saw Series. Take a listen:

Here’s a rundown of all the houses:

Silver Screams-The Usher, Julian Brownings House. We can expect a montage of great horror films in this one.

Saw-For years you’ve been watching as others suffer for your enjoyment. This year, how far will you go?

The Wolfman-Based on the soon to be released remake from Universal Pictures. This is my most anticipated house of the year.

Chucky:Friends Til the End: This one can go either way. I love Childs Play, and I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Frankenstein:Creation of the Damned-I love the monster. I love that they are going to amp it up a bit. The monster comes back to wreak havoc on his creator who’s creating more…and madness will ensue.

Dracula:Legacy in Blood-This has fun written all over it. What will we see? I’m hoping more Castle Vampyr type stuff.

The Spawning-This one is another that could be great. Set in a sewer with snake creatures….dear god help me.

Leave it To Cleaver-I love this concept, a clean very upkept town that has a dirty secret. It’s refreshing to see a house take a clean image instead of dirty and grimey.

Then you get to the scarezones, and while I wont go down them all, the majority are Zombie type zones ranging from a killer WWII zone to an area much like Planet Terror. With the return of Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror this is shaping up to be a great year.