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Hersheypark breathes new life into their Boomerang with a ReMix

Hersheypark gives new life to their Boomerang with a wonderful Remix and add's a great flat ride experience breathing new life into the area.

Walygator Grand Est – Guide, Review, Trip Report. France

Walygator is our third stop on a trip around Europe, this amusement park is in the northeast corner of France and is a smaller park with a round layout and a lot of...

Nigloland Theme Park Guide, Review, Trip Report. Grand Est, France.

Nigloland is a theme park located in France a couple of hours from Paris with a bunch of MACK Rides manufactured roller coasters. They seem to only purchase quality and...

Fete Des Loges Fair Rides

Fête des Loges: Guide, Review, Trip Report, Rides. Paris, France Fair

Fete des loges is a fair that takes place just outside of Paris from July through mid-August and would be our first stop of a month-long trip around Europe. Notable...