BGW: Action Sports coming in April; Dropping more hints


Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been dropping more hints since they began the other day on what’s coming for their 2010 season. So far we’ve been given four clues, two of which remain unsolved.

Two more hints were dropped today.

Clue #3:

Clue #4:

A new clue for you: What’s nearly seven times sharper than broadcast HD? Answer coming soon.

We’re not entirely sure about clue 4. When we know more, we will post an update.

If you go back and look at clue number 2 (A new clue for you: What’s 14’ tall, 30’ wide and 52’ long, and is going to be in Festhaus Park this spring?), this next paragraph will clear things up.

We’ve been speculating that a new train station would be built in the Festhaus Park to help get people to and from the FHP for the concerts during the summer. That would make sense that it’s coming in spring, right? The dimensions sounded right, but oh, were we wrong! Instead of a new station coming to the park, the park will be holding a two day event dealing with skating.. which explains the sounds in the video. The dimensions sound right for a skate ramp, don’t they?

Thanks to our friends over at BGWFans for the discussion taking place on all the hint dropping going on. Here’s their proof that the Air Force Reserve: Action Sports Pro Tour will be stopping at Busch Gardens on April 24 and 25th of this year.