Halloween Horror Nights creates “Immersive Environments”


Every year, Universal Orlando teases fans of Halloween Horror Night’s fans with the official website, giving fans clues to what will be at that years event. In the last update of the website, after clicking the Lantern to see undeveloped photos, we got hacked by the Legendary Truth for sticking around on the page too long.

The Enviroments page has been updated, displaying pictures from past events. However, it seems to mainly focus on Halloween Horror Night’s “Sweet 16” year, with several different images from “Screamhouse: Resurrection”, “Harvest of the Souls”, and “Psychoscareapy: Maxiumum Madness”. The Legacy, Characters, and Environments are possibly the key to clues of a “family reunion” at this year’s Halloween Horror Night event.

According the blurb on the lefthand side of the environments page, it seems this year will be no different from the past, creating immersive enviroments that  “are not quite what the seem – they’re much worse”.

Stay tuned for more Halloween Horror Nights 20 updates.