Cedar Point Voted Favorite Social Media Outlet for a Theme Park


Social Media has become the absolute best way for theme parks to reach their fans and create new ones. Twitter and Facebook have pretty much revolutionized the way that parks do business and in the near future will change the way that parks advertise and even give media coverage. We asked which theme park was your favorite Social Media outlet, mostly using Twitter. The answer came as a huge surprise.

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Color me curious on this one. Early in the week Six Flags and Holiday World duked it out for ultimate supremacy over social media, but out of nowhere Cedar Point stood up and took control. The proof is in the pudding, Cedar Point’s fans are some of the most loyal and fervent as they bombarded our poll with votes and comments. Though some of the comments on the official Cedar Point Facebook page seems that people were a little confused on the subject
“Completely Voted!!! Cedar Point is totally worth the price and the drive I think for everyone that I have ever known…” Said one fan “They have something for everyone and doesnt cost you an arm and leg just to go!”
The fans have spoken and love Cedar Point. Some argued that Cedar Point doesn’t really do much on their Social Media pages, but then again sometimes all you have to do is post an update or two. Cedar Point kept it simple.
Runners Up
Holiday World- The little park that could. With news this week that the park took a few awards from IAAPA home people seemed to swell around it. This park is a little park in Indiana, and it’s made it’s park by being friendly both online and in the park.
Six Flags-One of the biggest theme park chains in the world, and obviously one of the favorites among fans.
Sea World-It’s Sea World, home to Shamu. Fans love them.
Stay tuned next time as we pay tribute to the people that make the parks go round.