Thrill Daily News 2-15-11


Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you had a great time with your loved one.If you spent it alone,it don’t matter cause your here now and the park news you’re enjoyin, so for the next couple paragraphs, baby Ima be your boyfriend.

If women acted like men, it really wouldn’t matter would it?…And Away we Go!


  • According to Ricky over at Inside the Magic, ElecTRONica is sticking around until Labor Day over at Disneyland. This is most likely because of the DVD/Blu Ray release of both Tron films, and the possibility of a 3rd movie plus the planned animated series..but mostly because it packs people in to the parks and everyone’s just burning doing the New Tron Dance:

  • A Disney Express bus crash injured 5 Monday morning and shut down a huge part of Boggy Creek Road after the driver of the bus ran into a tanker carrying gasoline and it was spilled. More info.
  • Damn Disney World! Most of the Magic Kingdom was shut down for the majority of the morning after an air compressor failure caused a power outage….okay, I’m no electrician but that doesn’t jive. Regardless, the rides didn’t reopen until 11 a.m. and the park stayed open until 9p.m. to compensate.

Sea World

  • The battle between OSHA and Sea World parks over whether or not Sea World “recklessly exposed employees to danger”  in regards to  the death of Dawn Brancheau, will heat up, but according to this, we may never know the outcome of it. It’s not uncommon for high profile cases such as this to request a private hearing. A lot is at stake for the company and could set the stage for a lawsuit by Brancheau’s family as well as more flack from PETA

Cedar Fair

Ride of the Day

If you can dream it, then you can do it. YES WE CAN! Essentially a choose your own adventure ride, you were able to take a voyage to the moon, under the sea and through the desert. We take a look into the future, and over the Horizons your ride of the day: