“I visit Universal Orlando because….” Could this be the direction the new commercial is taking?


Universal Orlando has released a new video today via their YouTube account. It shows guests enjoying their day all around Universal with a lot of emphasis on Coasters and Harry Potter. Earlier this week Universal Orlando announced via their Facebook Page that they would be teasing the parks new ad campaign. Could this be it? Turns out, no it’s not.

I think that a few Cedar Point and Magic Mountain fans might balk at the “Best Coasters in the World” claim, but other than that, it shows a good deal of things to do at Universal Orlando.The new commercial will be released tomorrow and if you want a teaser you have to sign up via Facebook by 5p.m. today (Thursday). Harry Potter has made a lot of people realize that there is more to Orlando than just Disney. This could be a good way at getting others to look at the park.
Why do you visit Universal Orlando?
Is it the coasters, the shows, the other rides? Harry Potter? Why do you visit?
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