Universal Orlando readies for fear as Halloween Horror Nights 24 gets ready to Purge


The shadows and the nights are growing longer as summer fades into fall. The menacing creatures are all poised and ready to spring into the night as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida is gearing up for it’s 24th season. This year the event will feature a huge variety of different properties and original content, and will bring more chaos to the streets than ever before as HHN gets ready to Purge. We take a look through the streets of Universal Studios to get an idea of just what we could possibly expect.



What the hell is it? Is it a net for catching flying monkeys? Is it a giant flour sifter? The first thing guests currently see as they walk through the park is a huge net like structure hanging high above the streets of the Studios. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this will dub as a chandelier for the all new scare zone MASKerade. The area where Minions normally roam will fill in as a ballroom of sorts for the demented creatures who stay young by sewing your face onto theirs.






In the New York area, residents get ready to Purge. The film Purge:Anarchy will be the basis for an all new scare zone at this year’s HHN. The premise (for those who haven’t seen the movies) is that society reached a breaking point. We elected “New Founding Fathers” who instituted one night a year where crime was legal, including murder. It was a way to cleanse your soul, and basically cleanse society of the lower class. They call it the Purge, and it’s the perfect addition to Halloween Horror Nights. Those looking to Purge will be looking for new victims in the streets of New York, and you’ll most likely be on the list.

Universal Studios Hollywood Purged last year, and it was a huge success and a crowd favorite. So much so that they brought it back.

Slideshow-Go purging at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

Elsewhere in the park things have slid around and changed slightly.



What was once an empty storefront in the streets of Hollywood is now a preview center. In the preview center, guests are picked randomly to come in and watch an upcoming show or movie from Universal. It’s a time consuming endeavor,so it’s not open to all guests. The preview center was located right across from Transformers, which is now the Film Vault.


All new Legendary Merchandise has also made it’s way to the Universal Store shelves. Universal and Legendary entered an agreement last year to not only bring movies to the big screen, but also to bring the movies and projects to the theme parks. This is the first sign of Legendary in the park, while the next will be at Halloween Horror Nights when Dracula Untold debuts as a haunted house.

Slideshow-Get ready to Purge at Halloween Horror Nights 24


The next few weeks will see a ton of new items added to the park in preparation for HHN. The event will kick off on September 19th, and we will be bringing you all the gory goodness. Check back later for even more from Halloween Horror Nights, and be sure to get social with us on Facebook, and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

For more information about Halloween Horror Nights, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!