Top 3 Halloween Events of 2014, as chosen by you


2014. Wow. There’s really no other way to describe it. The year hit the ground running with major events at theme parks nationwide, and ended with huge news. In between we saw people build a snowman, celebrated 50 years of bringing people closer to animals, and took an even more amazing trip into a world of wizards and dragons. Coasters broke records, and waterslides defied what you knew was possible. To say that 2014 was a big year for theme parks is vast understatement. Before we finally put 2014 down as legendary, we will pay one last tribute to the year’s best as voted by you! We are proud to announce the winners of the 5th Annual Thrill Weekly Awards-The Best of 2014!

Every year we crown a King of Halloween, the top Halloween event as chosen by you! You have the control over which event is crowned King, and which isn’t. We had nominated haunts in two categories. The Best Theme Park Halloween Event, and the Best Non Theme Park Halloween Event. We do this because there are such huge differences between Theme Park Halloween attractions, and stand alone Halloween attractions. They have the same goal, but are completely different. The nominees based in a theme park (or amusement park for the nitpickers) are in an established amusement area that is open year round. For Halloween they change things up, and even alter the appearance of the entire park, just for the trick or treaters in us all! Then, as soon as it’s done, they go back to normal.

The non theme park Halloween Attractions are just that, they are not in a theme park, or amusement area. The sole purpose of these areas are just for a Halloween events (or haunted attractions). The attraction can be open year round, but it must be open the majority of Haunt Season.

And the Top Three Non-Theme Park Haunted Attractions are:

3.Wisconsin Feargrounds-Wisconsin

2.The Shallow Grave-Florida

And the Top Non Theme Park Haunted Attraction is:

A Petrified Forest-Florida

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Oh you thought we were done with you? THINK AGAIN MORTAL!

The Top three Theme Park Halloween Attractions are:


2.Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood-Universal Studios Hollywood

And the top Halloween Theme Park event is:

Halloween Horror Nights 24-Universal Studios Orlando

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<a href=””>Want to see the rest of the winners, as voted by you? Check out the full list in our Fifth Annual Thrill Weekly Awards by clicking here!</a>

href=””>Want to see the rest of the winners, as voted by you? Check out the full list in our Fifth Annual Thrill Weekly Awards by clicking here!

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