Skyplex Orlando asks for support before December 1st meeting as Universal Orlando asks for opposition


According to the Orlando Sentinel, a website has popped up asking residents of Orange County to oppose the building of the Skyplex Skyscraper roller coaster, and entertainment complex. At the same time, Josh Wallack and his group are asking those in the area to help show their support and email county officials to let their voice be heard. It’s the latest in a battle that began a few months ago for the new project that promises to have the world’s tallest roller coaster, and more, call International Drive home.


Skyscraper at Skyplex


The website, urges visitors to voice their opinion against the Skyplex project. Josh Wallack, the Skyplex developer, and Michael Kitchen of US Thrills Rides (the company contracted to build the coaster) says that it’s not only bad business from Universal, but it’s bad policy from this year’s IAAPA Chair, John McReynolds. McReynolds is a lobbyist for Universal, and served as the head of this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando. That’s a move that Wallack and Kitchen says shouldn’t be allowed, since all three companies are members of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Universal Orlando, who owns the Wet n Wild property on International Drive, just blocks away from the proposed location, says that the project “sets a bad precedent” and will “be a negative impact on the community and quality of life”. The argument says that the new coaster will create light and noise pollution, and will have adverse effects on the traffic around the Skyplex location.


Wallack and company are asking supporters to email their support to the Orange County Planning Commission, ahead of the December 1st meeting to show support and tell planners that the addition is wanted and supported.


If you wish to email the planning board, you can simply send an email showing your support, or otherwise to before December 1st.

This has been an interesting story so far, and we can only imagine that it will get more explosive as the December 1st meeting gets closer.



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