Strange sights from around the world: Massive cosplay festival in Osaka Japan.



Ok picture a large convention hall, like a really big one. You got that in your head? Ok great now fill that with people, and pretend that 70% of those people are dressing up. Ok now double the size of the convention hall. And for giggles double it one more time. And then you might to be close to what happens at the Nipponbashi *literally translated to Japan connection* street festa. And entire part of the city turns into a haven for nerds and people with a better sense of fashion.

I know what your saying, that looks pretty small. This picture only shows off one of the many side streets that get consumed in this tour-de-force event. And the people participating take this stuff pretty seriously.

Even the dogs cosplay. EVEN THE DOGS.

If this just wets your appetite here is a video of the event, which happened TODAY WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING.

Do you cosplay? Where are your favorite places to do it? Leave a comment down below!

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