SDCC 2017: The Stranger Things 2 trailer is full of the evil of The Thriller


Stranger Things blindsided many of us out of nowhere last year. The show was full of nostalgia, true enough, but it was also a genuinely fun story about monsters, other dimensions and evil dark corporations. You couldn’t exactly see where it was going, but you had a little bit of an idea.

At San Diego Comic Con, the trailer for Stranger Things 2 was shown…and they really seem like they’e still doing the show that all of us 80’s kids want.

I really love the use of Vincent Price and Thriller in the trailer. To me that was the very embodiment of 1984. Of course it’s all nostalgia, but that monster is looking like it’s no joke either.
That’s exactly what we need, a big insane monster movie where the kids are the only hope. The show will premiere on Netflix this Halloween…yet another reason for us to be impatient.

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