Erik Yates

OT:Spaghetti Tacos

I am a dad. I love my kids. We do everything together, including watch TV and cook. So when iCarly came up with the idea of Spaghetti Tacos, my little one was all over...

BGT:Nascar at Busch Gardens Tampa

I love these pieces. You get to see celebrities interacting with animals at the park, just like you could! (If you were a celebrity)

Why Harry Potter Must Win

I love having my Universal AP’s back. You really can see the progress happening from week to week between our visits. Of course, it’s not a lot of visible...

Mardi Gras: 15 Years of Beads, Bands and Good Times!

  Where has 15 years gone? I remember fondly going to my first Mardi Gras at Universal….in April and just being overwhelmed and bogged down by thousands of...

Real Music Returns to BGT

Busch Gardens Tampa continues the tradition of bringing music to the park in 2010 with a lineup of artists that span all genres.