Coaster Obsession: Triple thumbs for Rockit


The anticipation of the coaster was well worth the wait. Today I was given the opportunity to visit Orlando’s very own Universal Studios to ride Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. I must say – I’m impressed with the technology of this ride. The queue line is loud, vibrant, and huge! When we first arrived, there was a 120 minute wait; and I must say it’s worth every second! Once into the station, I was just in complete shock.

The LED lights on the train are simply amazing! They’re bright, brilliant, and flash super fast – and we were told they’re the brightest LEDs in the world! I’d seriously want some LEDs like that to put in my bedroom! I also loved the song selection screen on the harness. I sat down, selected the genre of music I wished to listen to, and picked my song. Very easy to use, and did I mention you can’t hear the music the person next to you? I imagined buttons on the harness with a screen, but not a touch screen. Universal, you’ve really gone over and beyond with Rockit – But that’s not all!

I’ve seen pictures of the ride itself, but I’ve yet to see any of the station. The moving floor is just a brilliant idea, and although it was not operating at the time of our visit I’m still impressed with this idea. Once in the seat, I carefully examined it. The harness, I must say, is different, but interesting! Instead of pulling straight down, it swings out to the side.

The ride itself is just as great. Once you’re all locked in and ready to go, the train literally shoots you onto the lift. The lift is quick, and you’re over the top and into the non-inverting loop. Rockit is full of air-time, quick turns, and banked maneuvers. With the height restriction of 51″, this ride is great for all ages! Infact, Maddy, Erik’s daughter, was exactly 51″ and she loved it (and she’s not really much on coasters, but we talked her into it). This coaster has the right amount of mix for thrill-seekers and well, your not-so-thrill-seekers. Rockit is no where as intense as coasters that are extremely tall and move twice the speed of my car, but it’s great. Reaching a top speed of 65, it twists and turns riders along it’s journey. While it’s not too intense for someone who isn’t a huge fan of coasters, it’s intense enough to give a thrill-seeker a few minutes of much enjoyed fun!

After our ride, we were able to view our photo. If you click your face on the photo, you’re able to view your on-ride video and purchase it. The video is pretty awesome! It plays the full song you chose, as well as clips of the ride, your on ride video, clips of the queue line, and awesome video effects! I think Universal did a great job with the video, honestly.

Would I recommend Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit to you? Well, yes! It’s a great ride, and it’s worth the three hour wait (or even two!). I could ride this coaster countless times and still love it. If I could give Rockit a triple thumbs up, I would, but I don’t have that many thumbs! Two thumbs will suffice.

I’m Rockit’d! Wanna see some sweet videos? Check out this article!

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