Thrill Weekly Poll: Favorite Social Media Presence


After a busy week of nothing the Thrill Weekly Poll is up, and it’s confession time. For years we’ve heard the cries of the fans who are tired of seeing awards like Amusement Today’s Golden Tickets and Theme Park Insider’s best of awards going to the same old Parks and rides. So how do we change it? By giving the power to you.

Our Thrill Weekly Polls were designed to be a pure fan favorite award system. Voted and picked by the people that should matter in the Amusement industry, the people who pay to go. So when you don’t see your favorite park or Coasters listed, use that other tab to add it in and we’ll add it to the poll. Now onto this weeks poll.
Social media is a new platform Parks are using to get their message across to potential guests by giving what they call exclusive information to their fans. They are trying to bypass sites like this one and in doing so keep people from listening to rumors and speculation all the while advertising their newest ride or show for free. Some Parks offer free giveaways while others just throw out random information. Some Parks love their fans while others argue with and insult their fans for voicing opinions. So this weeks question is which park social media outlet does the best job representing their park? Which is your favorite? We’ll have the results Sunday.

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