Thrill Daily News 2-21-11


Original ideas are dead. They have been for a long time now, as everything is pretty much borrowed from something else. But it’s getting to such a point in Hollywood that they are killing original ideas. They are so afraid of them and the prophecies that they contain that they are taking the first born original ideas and killing them. Of course you always have original ideas like this column. This column is 100% original, and it’s in no way inspired ripped off or borrowed from any other column.

And that boys and girls is sarcasm. And this…is proof that ghosts exist….And away we go!


  • I hated the first Cars film. I’m not excited about the 2nd Cars film. And now comes word that Disney is going to push forward with a series of direct to dvd knock off films called “Planes”. That’s right, it goes from talking cars to talking planes. And the killer, says JoBlo, is that Pixar will not produce it. At least they still have some inkling of a soul.
  • And if you want further proof that originality is feared, Disney announced that they will focus on familiar properties. You can expect more Toy Story short films, more Cars, more of basically anything that’s hot.
  • Falling in line with that is Disney’s own park blog, who announced that Star Tours will cram as much Star Wars as they can in the new attraction. We can expect to see familiar faces like Admiral Ackbar, R2D2, C3p0, Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia…wait…isn’t she like 60 now? I hope they don’t go the route of stand in, and instead Lucas uses his performance capture thing where he takes stars out of old films and puts them in new ones.


  • The Visual Effects Society gave out it’s 9th annual awards, and the first ever Theme Park attraction to win the award was….NOT HARRY POTTER! According to this article it was Universal Hollywood’s Kong 360. Talk about a shocking development. Of course Kong used all digital effects and goes around the entire tram, and Potter just uses small clips intertwined with dark ride elements. After all this is a Movie award.
  • Universal Studios Singapore finally reopened Battlestar Galactica. The worlds tallest dueling coaster reopened Monday after 11 months of closure due to issues found in the coasters trains.
  • 10 Happy Surprise happen at Universal Studio Japan. In celebration of 10 year, they celebrate to you guest 10 new surprise in park. Seriously, that’s how this article is written. Maybe it’s lost in translation, but there will be ten all new “surprises” in the park, most of which will be shows and merchandise marking 10 years of Universal Japan.


  • Now this falls under just plain cool. The Dr. Who Experience opened at London’s Olympia. It envelops a Dr. Who museum, and also features characters from the series walking around as well as a 3D movie featuring all kinds of creatures from the show. Bill and Ted eat your heart out.
  • D-box opens in Orlando creating a 4D experience outside of a theme park. I’m really shocked a few other websites haven’t rushed out for this one…but I suspect they will. You’re welcome…remember to credit me 😉 In all seriousness you pay $17 dollars for one of 22 seats at the Premiere Cinema at Fashion Square Mall. You can ride the movie and control the experience. Hell, there’s even a “test seat” in the lobby set to medium. The downside, you have to sit through I am Number 4.

Ride of the Day

Sheikra dives straight down 200 feet. Hulk launches you into a corkscrew. X2 twists you all different directions. That’s pussy compared to the sheer force of being launch at 128 mph straight up 456 feet, and catching a little breather before getting drug straight back down to the earth with nothing but an Intamin track underneath you. That’s scary crap, which is why Kingda Ka is today’s ride of the day: