Thrill Daily News 2-22-11


Will Bill Murray ever do Ghostbusters 3? Every few months things seem like their going to, but he recently told Howard Stern that the reason he’s not excited about 3,  is because 2 sucked so bad. Okay ya got me there. But still, the killer video game, and the fans want it. Plus you were so damn funny in Zombieland! Yeah, good times.

You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older, and now you’re older still.


  • The Biggest news of the day, besides the fact they’re putting in a Fastpass for a friggin character meet and greet…Haunted Mansion has gotten some seeming temporary new Hitchhiking Ghost effects. They are not very good, the mirrors have been replaced with screens and rumor has it that they will be only temporary while the new ghosts are prepared.

  • Meet the new voice of Mickey Mouse, a guy from Kansas City who knew someone in Pixar. Brett Iwan proves it’s all just a matter of luck, and knowing someone to land the job of the most famous mouse in the world.


  • Undercover Tourist has released a free Universal Orlando Smartphone app that gives user generated wait times. While it is meant to help with vacation planning, it is user generated and can be wrong like the very disappointing Ride Hopper app. For more info and to download the app, visit here.
  • Red Sox pitcher reportedly hurt his neck on the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter ride, Forbidden Journey…or so he thinks. He and his girlfriend were visiting sometime in the past over a 3 day weekend and he hurt himself. Now things are healed and naturally he wants to go back.

Kings Island

  • The park has released a video today showing off the massive first pieces for the giant windseeker attraction opening up this year. This thing is massive!


  • Orlando Thrill Park may be too loud for shoppers at nearby retail stores and Festival Bay Mall says this article in the Orlando Sentinel. According to a study, the noise from the coasters wouldn’t be loud enough to effect nearby residents , but instead it would effect businesses. The measures it would take to prevent that from happening could be too cost prohibitive for the park to go in. So could this mean the end for the Orlando Thrill Park? Not likely. It’s still a little too early to tell, but it definitely has hit a snag.
  • Steel Pier in Atlantic City could be the first amusement park to have a wind turbine. According to reports, the small park is hoping to get three turbines eventually and use them to power the park. A cost cutting move that, if it works, could be adopted by other parks.
  • Papa Johns Pizza has just appointed Mark Shapiro, former CEO of Six Flags. Yeah, apparently making sub-par theme parks is perfect for making sub par pizza? Read the whole report here, and congratulations.
  • For it’s 125th anniversary, Lagoon is building Bombora...a beach themed coaster. I’m puzzled too. Apparently it’s going to be a family style coaster, smaller than it’s last two coasters.
  • Could Hershey Park’s 12th coaster be a B&M dive machine? The deal with the company and Sea World parks has run out, and now you may see more Dive machines in this country. But will that be the 12th coaster for Hershey?

Ride of the Day

It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean only with hillbillies. You go through some really cheesy, yet fun scenes with a whole town on fire. Dolly Parton and Jim Neighbors handles the voice work. The whole ride is just a goofball of a mess, until POW! The end really takes you for a dive! And that is why Blazing Fury at Dollywood is today’s Ride of the Day