Universal and the Orlando Magic help in a special way, to celebrate reading and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!


Today is the birthday of our dear Dr. Seuss! He wrote books for kids, he didn’t train Moose. Universal Orlando dropped off a picture to say, “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, and Happy Read Across America Day!”

Nick Anderson came by, from the Orlando Magic to read books to children, now that’s not so tragic! Two elementary schools came to Universal to read and for celebration, to help mark the 16th annual day from the National Education Association. It’s good for kids to read, Dr. Seuss knew from the start! It’s good for their brains, it helps them have heart. It takes them to places, both old and quite new. It helps them imagine things, they never thought they could do. Dr. Seuss has inspired us, from imagination to passion, so what better way to honor him than to write in his fashion?

Inspiration, imagination innovation too. From schools, to offices, theme parks and zoos. His influence can be found all around us, from the people he inspired that move and astound us. he taught a whole generation of children to read, and wrote about differences, anger and greed. And how to overcome any of these things in your path, and how important school is like reading and math. “Try hard” he wrote “and do the best that you can. And try lots of new things just like Green Eggs and Ham.”

And where can you go to see his wonder and understanding? Why to Islands of Adventure, and of course to Seuss Landing! Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, the Lorax, If I ran the zoo. You can read all these things, and have fun with them too. But just because the good Dr. is gone, please don’t be saddened, just remember his words “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Now for information, click with all your might! And get information from the offical Universal Orlando website!