Thrill Weekly Poll-Santa’s Pride:Best Christmas Event 2011


Merry Christmas one and all! We here at Behind the Thrills are very busy decorating the tree, stringing the lights, wrapping gifts, securing the Christmas Coaster to the roof all in preparation for Christmas Day! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! For years, parks like Magic Kingdom have stepped up the festivities at Christmas with huge light and fireworks displays, but it’s not been until recently that a lot of other parks have not only started not only decorating for Christmas, but making huge events out of it. It seems now, more than ever, that even parks that have traditionally been seasonal parks ending right after Labor Day are extending that season to include Christmas.

And with Christmas coming up this Sunday, what better time to roll out our latest poll than now! Whether you celebrate your holidays with parades, Grinches, Princess, whales or Ice…which one does it best? What park best captures the spirit of the season? Do you like your Christmas big and flashy with tons of lights? Maybe a commercially driven holiday with tons of fun and recognizable characters? Perhaps you like your Christmas a little more…traditional with hints of religion and the TRUE meaning of Christmas? Whichever way you celebrate, there seems to be an event out there for you. But which one do you think is the best?

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We try to include as many Holiday events in the poll as we can, however, we can’t include them all. So if we skipped your favorite Christmas event, please feel free to send an email to and submit your favorite event for consideration.

Votes can be made once a day for the duration of the poll, so we fully encourage all to come back daily and vote for your favorite park. If you are with a nominated park, we strongly recommend encouraging your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other social media outlets to vote for you daily. After all, if your fans do not know your park is nominated, they can’t vote for you!
Have Fun, Good Luck and Merry Christmas!