Busch Gardens Williamsburg teases Verbolten with “reasons not to drive through the Black Forest”


Busch Gardens Williamsburg is pushing their newest attraction, Verbolten. Verbolten is scheduled to open in the Oktoberfest section of the park in 2012. Verbolten is replacing one of the park’s most beloved roller coasters, The Big Bad Wolf, which closed in September 2009 and was later demolished that winter during the park’s off-season.

Busch Gardens hasn’t released all the details about Verbolten yet, so park guests are more than likely in for a surprise when the attraction actually opens. The park has announced that the coaster will have a height restriction of just 48 inches, the same as the Lochness Monster, will have a top speed of 53 miles per hour, and it will use the same drop over the Rhine River the Big Bad Wolf used. It will also have many special effects.

Busch Gardens released a teaser video explaining “reasons not to drive through the Black Forest”. The video hints at several of the ride’s elements including inclement weather, road changes, and the unexpected. Yep, that’s probably where our “surprise” comes in. You can watch the video for yourself below: