Blue Man Group sneak preview-A look at the all new show coming to Universal Orlando


It’s been almost five years since the Blue Man Group made their debut at the Sharp Aquos Theater at Universal Orlando. Since then the show has been consistent in it’s offerings. Now Universal Orlando hopes to wiggle things up a bit with all new segments of the show. Select media, and a select group of fans got a sneak peek at the show last week, which totals about 45 minutes in length. The full new show is expected to make a full debut on February 24th, but we were able to take a look at what exactly you’ll be seeing.

The first thing that has changed is the setup and layout of the stage. They’ve done minor tweaks to the stage to make it feel a lot more intimate. The back up band was once high above, now they’re still above, but a little closer to the stage itself, making everything louder and giving the audience a better look at the band.

Another big addition to the new show is the introduction to the all new Gipad, the biggest screen available on a tablet on the market right now. The introduction of this new technology takes the show into two hilarious new clips, and helps bring new life to an old one. One clip sees the Blue Man Group using apps to not only create music, but to change their self images. It’s a hilarious new clip.

Another new bit is “Rods and Cones”, it explains to us how animation and color works and makes us see colors in an all new way. It’s an inspired new piece that brings amazing back pack drumulums into play.
The biggest change, however is the finale. It completely changes the tone of the show from a comedic performance of discovery to an all out butt shaking dance party. Huge helium filled balloons drop from the ceiling as the audience shakes their butts to a song that gives new names to your rear.

More pictures of the new Blue Man Group:

The new show officially opens February 24th, though tickets are on sale now, and shows are currently in a “soft opening” phase. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the official website!