Choose your side as Legends of Frontierland hits Disneyland this July!


Get ready to saddle up, and choose your side as Disneyland drags it’s guests right into the middle of a feud! An all new interactive experience is coming to the Southern California park on July 9th, and it’s going to be a battle that will cross boundaries, and give guests a little bit of playful feuding,  with some fun results.


Legends of Frontierland will be an all new experience that will span the food, merchandise, and entertainment areas of the park with an interactive story that will allow guests to design and name their own characters.
They will be able to be part of a story and help things unfold as two towns feud over gold.
Here’s the official description:

Frontierland and its neighbor, Rainbow Ridge, are in the midst of a good, ol’ fashioned land feud. Rainbow Ridge – a once-booming mining town – has dried up, and they have their eyes set on Frontierland. The steady, hardworking folk in Frontierland want to keep the town safe and free of rougharound-the-edges, opportunistic types. Rumors are spreading that gold has been discovered in mines belonging to Frontierland, and there is even a rumor that Frontierland itself sits on the motherlode! Whether or not the rumors are true, the folk in Rainbow Ridge have one thing on their minds: take over Frontierland! Thus, the struggle begins …

Interactive storytelling is nothing new in Disney parks, as Walt Disney World has rolled out several over the past few years. From jetting around the world with Kim Possible, to casting spells and looking for pirate gold, the interactive experiences are fan favorite activities and is great for those looking to do more than just rides.
Details aren’t being revealed about the new Disneyland experience,  but from the sound of it, this will be a reason for locals to come back almost weekly as it sounds like a weekly serial show. It also sounds like there will be more interactive elements in this new experience than any other Disney interactive park experience to date.

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