Starbucks at Universal Studios Florida re-opens with a fresh, new look


Universal Orlando is bringing many brand new experiences to CityWalk Orlando with several brand new venues, but they are also giving some of the existing locations a fresh, new look. Universal Orlando has recently re-opened their CityWalk Starbucks location, which is part of the many changes that are taking place around CityWalk. Prior to the re-opening of the CityWalk Starbucks location, it was located upstairs. Universal Orlando closed that location and brought it downstairs, making it more convenient for guests to grab a coffee on their way into the theme parks in the morning. On top of renovating one existing location, Universal has also opened a brand new location within the Entry Port section of their Islands of Adventure theme park. And finally, Universal Orlando has made some internal renovations to the existing Starbucks location at Universal Studios Florida.



Universal Orlando has made some renovations to the inside of the existing  Starbucks at Universal Studios, giving it a more modern look and a very uniform look with the other Starbucks locations around the Resort. In contrast from the other work Universal has done to their other Starbucks locations, Starbucks at Universal Studios closed quietly to do work inside the restaurant. The façade of the restaurant didn’t change as the current look and theme of the outside already fit the location it is in very well. Many of the shops and stores, even the ones that are just facades, are centered around the idea that guests are walking through the streets of a city.


The Universal Studios Starbucks location re-opened yesterday with a fresh, new look on the inside with a very modern feel. Universal Orlando is bringing a modern and uniform look to each of their Starbucks locations. However, though each Starbucks locations carries the same look and feel, each Starbucks has it’s own personality which makes it slightly different than the other Starbucks locations around the Resort.

Universal Orlando has four Starbucks locations across the resort, which include:

  • Universal CityWalk
  • Entry Port section of Islands of Adventure
  • New York section of Universal Studios Florida
  • Cabana Bay Beach Resort

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