Universal cancels Blood Bayou “sacrifice” show for Halloween Horror Nights


There’s something evil lurking in the bayou, and it wants more power. Ultimate power. The only way to get it is through blood. Unfortunately, that ultimate power isn’t going to happen any more this year. The “sacrifice” mini show that was part of the Blood Bayou scare zone at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights has been canceled.


The sacrifice portion of Bayou of Blood at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has been canceled due to a “creative decision”, according to the Orlando Sentinel on Monday.  The show depicted a Voodoo Priestess and her zombie servants taking “the blood of an innocent” as she sought ultimate power. The show would happen at regular intervals throughout the night, and was extremely gory, but not entirely realistic. The show would also cause the lights in the nearby trees to flicker and pulse with varying power.
Video-Seek ultimate power in Bayou of Blood

Naturally, fans of the event are upset over the matter. While “Creative Decision” is a blanket term, there could be many different reasons for the show removal. One such reason would be guest complaints. The show did tout evil, and the sacrifice of innocence, something that more conservative guests could be offended by. Another likely reason is crowd control, as the show took place on a very small stage in an area that would get very congested. Yet another could be a cost cutting measure.

There’s no word on whether some form of the show will return, or if it’s gone for good, but it’s very likely that there will be no more sacrifices whatsoever.

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According to Seth at Orlando Weekly, who was determined to get any and all answers on the show disappearance, the show was not taken out because of complaints or crowds. The show removal was truly a creative decision, and was because of the lack of scares in the area, according to guest surveys. While the show was great, and very creative, it seems that it was taking away scares from the area. According to those same guest surveys, the area is getting much scarier rankings now. Scarier is always better.

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