Unlocking the Compound: Halloween Horror Nights Orlando unveils new interactive experience


Horror has been unearthed. The truth has been found, and it was legendary.  This year Halloween Horror Nights has unveiled the next phase of their interactive Horror experience with The Compound. What is it, and how do you unlock it? We dive in to survive.  You’ve been warned.


This year Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida Has unveiled an all new interactive experience that appears to be both in park and online.
It came without much warning, and it came with an urgent message. Following the Twitter hashtag #HHNCompound fans were taken to the official HHNCompound website, where they were given a message and a task to unlock the compound and gain access.

The message is clear. There’s something evil lurking about, and we need to band together to figure out what the evil is, and how to stop it. However, there’s something there that isn’t so clear.
We ran the audio backwards and came up with this:

When you enter the Access Code RECON (Romeo Echo Charlie Oscar November) you get access to a special mission that will take place, beginning Saturday. There will be a ton of objectives, but the end game will have a select group of people gaining access to a special behind the scenes gathering, and will give you more information.
On the page there is also information for a “September 19th Survival Guide”. The guide will give the first mission, which looks like it will require guests to take pictures of special targets in park, and post them to Twitter using the #HHNCompound hashtag. You’ll need to pay attention to Twitter, as the HHN Compound team will have “tools” to help you on your mission.
In years past the use of special codes, and insane in park missions have given a new depth to the HHN Experience. It looks like this year will have guests running the park as well, but instead of doing it alone, they will have help. Will special tools be things like Express Passes?


First challenge is operational. Will you face your fears?
HHN Compound is searching for the toughest survivors, those who can face their fears. Simply take a picture of your greatest fear, and submit to Twitter and Instagram and tag @HorrorNightsORL #hhncompound #myfear. This is one of three challenges that await for a chance to gain special entry into a VIP experience at Halloween Horror Nights.

Update 9-14-2014
Another transmission has come across from the Compound, this time for enlistment.

So more will happen this week, especially with the beginning of Halloween Horror Nights on Friday Night. There should be an influx of missions, and some more special messages.

We’ve seen many people asking on Twitter about the compound. Last year the in park game was only available for those who purchased a multi-park ticket. This year it appears that the game will not be RFID based, but more based on the social networks, like Twitter and Instagram. There may be something more to download or find at a later date, but as of right now it’s looking like this could be just a fun online game designed to keep you occupied while you’re in the park. However, there are those who are looking for more meaning to it, we’ll keep you updated if any “secret code” stuff appears.

Update 9-16-14

A second task has been added to the official HHN Compound page. They now want to know which house will make you test your limits…then renounce it. All you have to do is tweet the name of the house to @HorrorNightsORL and tag #hhn24 #HHNCompound #Cantscareme. This will put you in the running for the special meet up on the 27th.

Update 9/17/14

Another new transmission.. This one suggesting you gather a group and select your dates. Remember, there’s strength in numbers. 

It’s time to pick your team.. and then hashtag your team name. If you don’t pick a team you might be left outside the bunkers… alone. Everyone must help to survive. Recon missions will be revealed soon. Be prepared.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the HHN Compound, and keep checking back for more updates as we receive them.

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