Jimmy Fallon racing towards Universal as new ride gets closer to opening!



It’s been a little bit since we’ve been to Universal Orlando, but WOW! What was once an empty shell of the former Twister attraction has morphed into a piece of New York City, as Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York is getting even closer to opening. The new building has walls down, and we’re getting a very clear look at the ride building itself. There’s a lot to be excited about with this new ride, as it’s going to mark a few firsts.

Before we get into all that, let’s take a closer look at the building.
Video-Walk Around Jimmy Fallon’s New Ride!


The new ride takes over for the old Twister attraction in New York, and races through on April 6th. To celebrate, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will be filming at Universal Orlando from the 4th-6th, and will be more than likely bringing tons of friends and musical performances along.


The ride itself is going to have many firsts, like we said above. The ride will be the first use of the Flying Theater ride system in the united states. Guests will sit down in a regular chair, and be lifted above the floor for a thrilling new experience. The ride will also be the first ride at Universal to be fully line-less. This is something that Universal has been testing out with other rides in the park with some pretty decent success. The idea is that you either get the app, or sign up at the entrance to the ride. You get a return time, much like a Fastpass, and then you come back to ride. The only wait that you have is theoretically just at the ride entrance. It’s a concept that Universal will carry over to their new waterpark, Volcano Bay later this year.

Race Through New York will be a typical Universal ride, in that it will have a safety video…but being that Jimmy Fallon is doing a lot of firsts with this new ride, this ride will be the very first to feature a rapping safety video. And, as luck would have it, we have your first look at it.




If that wasn’t enough, things are really ramping up as the park is slowly rolling out merchandise for the store. There’s been merchandise bearing the Tonight Show Logo, The Race Through New York Logo, and much more. There’s also a contest that not only gives you a chance to go to the premiere of the new ride, but also (and more importantly) gives us a first look at actual footage from the new ride!




The crazy new look gives us an idea of what we can expect from the new ride. From zooming through Studio 6B to hurtling down a tube into New York, the ride looks a little on the crazy side. Of course, this is only a small glimpse of what we can expect, as old Jimmy Fallon characters will make an appearance, and we’ll get to see some Tonight Show history as well.


Are you ready to Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon on April 6th?



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