Walls Come Down Around New Jimmy Fallon Attraction


Universal Orlando’s latest attraction, Race Through New York-Starring Jimmy Fallon, is getting steps closer to opening, as walls have come down. A film crew is set up at the entrance, and the excitement is hanging in the air. With the walls down, we can finally get a great new look at the Tonight Show Studio Facade, which is where the ride kicks off.
Watch-Walls Down at Race Through New York

We don’t want to get too excited, but walls down could mean that a soft opening isn’t too far behind. The soft opening, or technical rehearsals, will give Universal to work out any bugs and kinks before the April Grand Opening. 

The ride will take guests through the Tonight Show Studio and a 3D race through the streets of New York City. The new ride will also be the first attraction in the pat to have no line to wait in. Guests will instead book a time using the Universal Mobile App or a kiosk at the ride. Then guests are free to roam the park and try other experiences before riding. 

Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York opens April 6th.
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