Inside SeaWorld San Diego’s Newest Expansion ‘Ocean Explorer’


This past weekend, SeaWorld San Diego revealed the park’s newest land ‘Ocean Explorer’ to the general public as the park continues one of the biggest summer’s the park’s 40+ years. The new 2 acre land occupies a former grassy field seen just to the right of the main entrance immediately after entering the park.

The new land takes its inspiration from the deepest depths of the ocean and introduces the park to deep-sea octopi, crabs and electric eels. Inside you’ll find 4 new theme rides, a small aquarium area as well as a new gift shop re-utilizing and old space near the exit of the biggest attraction, Submarine Quest. Many of the rides with the exception of Submarine Quest are simple flat rides with ocean theme, a comparison could be made between this new land, and Camp Snoopy up the 5 freeway at Knott’s Berry Farm, in fact, many of the rides are the same.

Of the off-the-shelf rides, Tentacle Twirl is the most popular and best themed. It’s designed to feel like you’re riding on the legs of a spinning jelly fish, and thematically works fine. Not to mention it adds so much needed kinetic energy to the front of the park.

You can check out Tentacle Twirl for yourself with this off-ride POV.

The other flat rides are unfortunately less exciting, and don’t offer much to parents hoping to ride with their kids as many of the rides are tight fits.


The main attraction of the land is Submarine Quest. Much like Tentacle Twirl, the kinetic energy this ride adds to the park is wonderful, though the actual ride experience doesn’t offer too much in terms of themed environments. Instead riders are asked to play tap-based mini-games on a dashboard type console, while they pass various check-points and thematic elements placed along the track which cues each game.

The ride vehicles which are fun to watch pass by were custom designed for SeaWorld San Diego.

The queue itself is also nicely themed, emulating plant life and the ocean floor.

Some scientific details and notes can be seen in the queue area.

Inside the station.

Take a ride on Ocean Explorer!

That does it for the look at SeaWorld San Diego’s newest attractions. What do you think of the new land? Let us know in the comments below!

Explore the ENTIRE LAND in this full walk-through video!

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