How Halloween Time Revved-Up Cars Land with ‘Haul-O-Ween’


Halloween has passed and we’re slowly inching our ways to colder days, longer nights and the Christmas season. However, with Halloween still fresh in everyone’s mind, we thought we’d look back at what might have been the best seasonal overlays we’ve ever seen within a theme park. That is Cars Land ‘Haul-o-Ween’.

What has to be the most ambitious seasonal decor package ever produced by Disney, there isn’t a square inch of the 12 acres of Cars Land, that hasn’t been touched by that October Disney Magic.

For a full tour of Cars Land ‘Haul-o-Ween’ Check out our video below:

When Cars Land first opening it was worrisome how this land could possibly remain fresh over the years. Haul-o-Ween did exactly that. With two seasonal overlays (the only attraction without is Radiator Springs Racers), new performance areas, and a ton of new decor, food offerings, and costumes for the Cars characters, there was something for everyone during Halloween time.

The general decor was my favorite element of the land. The mix between automobile parts, and Halloween is such an odd but wonderful combination.

Situated by Lizzie’s show is my favorite single element, the zombie car.

See the Zombie Car in action!

There are many more videos on our youtube page from Cars Land ‘Haul-o-Ween’! Check them out here!

If you couldn’t already tell we love what the Imagineers did with Cars Land for Halloween. Everything just works! We cannot wait to see it back for next year as well as what new additions they might have planned (Radiator Springs Racers overlay please!).

That does it for this look back at Halloween time, thanks so much for joining us. What was your favorite thing about Halloween Time this year?

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