Hagrid’s Magical Creatures First Look Day 2: Cornish Pixies invade Universal Orlando


All this week, Universal Orlando is unveiling a special look at the creatures from the new ride, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. In the new ride, which opens on June 13th, the Creatures will be the centerpiece of a crazy adventure with Hagrid on his Magical Motorbike. Today, Universal has a special look at the second creature.

The Cornish Pixie! You’ll also see another great look at Fluffy in the video below!

Cornish Pixies are mischievous little things, and they like to cause havoc, as Gilderoy Lockhart discovered when he let them loose in his Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. In the ride, you’ll see 20 of them scattered throughout your adventure. Obviously we’ll see the flying Ford as well, as the Pixies seem to be making short work of it.

Make sure to come back the rest of this week to find out just what other creatures will be lurking in the Forbidden Forest!

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