Disneyland Honors Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary in Haunted Mansion Holiday


One of the things most Disneyland fans look forward too most when the classic Haunted Mansion converts into Haunted Mansion Holiday, starring Jack Skellington and the gang from ‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is the giant gingerbread house placed on top of the ballroom scene’s dinner table amidst the ride,

Since Haunted Mansion Holiday made its debut in 2001, the ballroom scene has received a brand new and completely unique Gingerbread house each year, paying homage to the attraction, characters or park anniversaries. This year is no exception as the Haunted Mansion itself celebrates its 50th anniversary and this year’s Gingerbread house is all things classic Haunted Mansion.

On top of stylized recreation of the Mansion with colorful pillars (sharing the same color scheme as Disneyland’s Dapper Dans). The top and bottom of the structure are adorned with iconic characters from the classic ride including The Hatbox Ghost, Madam Leota, Constance, Daisy, the Chandelier Ghost, The Caretaker, and the Singing Busts.

You can experience (and smell) the new 50th Anniversary Gingerbread house only at Disneyland from September 6, 2019 to January 6, 2020!

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