Rollercoaster in Mexico derails, killing two injuring others


Horrible news out of Mexico as a rollercoaster at La Féria Chapultepec Magico has derailed in a horrible accident. The accident happened on Saturday, on the Quimera coaster, a Schwarzkopf Triple Loop coaster.

As of publishing, two riders were killed with at least three more injured. 
Video has also surfaced online on Instagram.


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Horrible news. Our hearts go out to everyone involved. While coaster accidents happen, they are rare. Coasters are one of the safest amusement attractions in most circumstances. Unfortunately, this might come up as a lapse in maintenance. It’s very rare for a foster to completely derail, unless the ride is in severe neglect.

This particular coaster started it’s life as a touring coaster in 1984 before being moved to various other parks around the world. It was the first roller coaster in the world to have three inverted loops. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


We’ve learned a little more about what happened in the incident. A mechanical failure caused the final car in the coaster train to come loose and flip. The derailment happened when the car was about 33 feet in the air, and threw riders from the car. The Mexico City Attorney General is treating this as a case of negligent homicide. The park closed after the incident Saturday and will likely remain closed until investigations are complete.

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