AmusmentInsider names “Toutatis” and “Gotham City Escape” as Best New Coasters of 2023.


Two coasters from the same manufacturer have been awarded the title of “Best New Coaster of 2023,” and both are located in Europe.

According to viewers of AmusementInsider, the best new coaster belongs to that of Toutatis, a triple launch Intamin-manufactured roller coaster located at Parc Asterix in France. After over 5,000 votes in the final round of the “Riders’ Choice Awards,” which took place on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, the roller coaster took the title with a wide margin of victory, originally pitted against 16 other world-class rides that opened this year!

The second award was from Austin Rdzanek, the editor and owner of AmusementInsider, who places Batman: Gotham City Escape at the top, located at Parque Warner Madrid, Spain. “Having ridden both of these coasters and all the large new installations around the World this year, Gotham City Escape was a no-brainer winner for me. The theming, comfort, and original elements easily make it the #1 coaster this season! Toutatis is also a very deserving coaster and I’m happy that the viewers made this selection!” says Austin. “It’s a big debate on which coaster is best out of these two, and I’ve heard great arguments for both. What’s great is these are the two that really do stand out from everything else this year, Intamin really knocked it out of the park with these new trains, they’re easy to get in and out of which makes the loading process quick, they’re extremely comfortable; they’re easily my favorite trains out of all the coasters I’ve ridden. I cannot wait to see what else they create with these!”