Animal Kingdom Major Project Begins: New Animal Kingdom Dinosaur and Dinoland USA Work. “Indiana Jones” Attraction Incoming?


Just over six months ago on September 9, 2023, it was announced at the D23 Expo that the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction would likely replace Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The closure of Dinosaur has yet to be announced, however, a new South Florida Water Management District Permit was filed for a 5-acre trailer compound just north of Kali River Rapids – with infrastructure improvements along the BOH roadway leading directly to Dinoland.

This could be our first hint towards the major changes coming to Dinoland at Animal Kingdom.

The plan consists of four new WDI trailers (two 4-wide and two 16-wide) as well as a 12-wide contractor trailer and 363 parking spaces as well as a new sidewalk and crosswalks across the entire stretch of roadway from the trailer compound to behind the Dinoland area.

The overall project name appears to be Project RO – and these documents are for Project ROTC (TC = Trailer Compound). This seems to be the beginning of a major project; likely the long-rumored makeover of Dinoland USA.