Inside Look at Knott’s Soak City’s 2 Acre Expansion!


Its been a quiet year for Knott’s this year in terms of new attractions. The past 5 years, the park has seen revitalized classics, new high tech experiences, and wonderfully refreshed areas of the park. However, for 2017 the focus has shifted from the Farm and put onto Soak City which is getting some much needed love in a big way. This weekend Knott’s hosted a media tour where various outlets were allowed to tour the property just prior to the launch of the 2017 summer season. This summer is especially exciting as the park is seeing its first expansion in any form since 2006.

When fans arrive to Knott’s Soak City this weekend, they’re not just going to be greeted with 7 (yes, 7!) fancy new slides, but in fact a completely refreshed, revitalized park. In addition Knott’s Soak City saw the installation of over 20 new planters and thousands of new trees and plants to add much needed shade to the former concrete heavy park. Also the park expanded the Longboard’s food location, converting it from a window based outdoor grab and go, to an indoor cafeteria style eatery with a large new shaded picnic area where you can feast. They’ve also added new grass areas for families to enjoy and dozens of new cabanas.

The park also received a brand new entry way portal and signage from the parking lot making for a much more proper entry statement as a common guest complaint was that the main entrance gate to Soak City was tough to find (it was if you are not familiar with the parks).

An example of some of the new planters that have been added to soften the park. This one located directly in front of the popular Soak City sign.

Thousands of plants were scattered throughout the park’s midways awaiting their installation prior to opening to guests this weekend.

Another small but meaningful change at the front of the park is the conversion of the iconic surfer statue. What used to be a planter is now a fountain that will feature a wave pattern  behind the surfboard right where it cuts into the water creating an awesome new surfing effect.

A closer look at some of the new nozzles.

Inside Longboard’s. This location will provide some much needed air conditioning for those hot summer days.

New family restrooms have also been added to the side of Longboard’s.

Moving on to the new 2 acre expansion, these new slides occupy the former Pacific Spin attraction as well as some of the park’s former parking lot. Seven new slides in total will debut, 3 different style slides on 2 newly constructed towers. ‘The Wedge’ is the park’s new family raft ride occupying the old Pacific Spin spot.

This ride can fit 2-6 guests and support up to 1000lbs of riders.

A look at the new loading area, a large conveyor belt system shuttles the rafts to the top of tower due to the weight of each raft.

The other new attraction opening this weekend is Shore Break. This tower features 2 new style rides. 2 slides are dedicated to a high speed tube slide.  A look at the new entry point.

Of course the main attraction are the 4 new capsule drop slides which will be a huge hit for thrill seekers at the park. This is the first of 2 ongoing installations (at Cedar Fair parks) that feature a tower which can accommodate 4 capsule slides, most other Cedar Fair offerings currently only have 3.

Portions of the slides are fabricated in translucent material allowing riders to see the outside world while they zoom down and on-lookers to see the terror in each rider’s face. It’s a win-win.

A look at the new Shoreline Break tower from the attraction’s entrance.

Tour the newly expanded Soak City Park!

That does it for this preview of Knott’s Soak City’s new expansion. We will be there this weekend for coverage of the Grand Opening Ceremony!

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