Video-Disney brings Avatars to life with amazing Animatronics in Pandora: World of Avatar


Walt Disney World is about to unveil their latest expansion to this world, by taking us to a completely new world that we’ve only seen on the big screen. Pandora: World of Avatar will open on May 27th, and the world wouldn’t be complete without at least seeing some of the natives of this new world. Disney gives us what we expect, by way of some amazing animatronics in their two signature attractions.

Ironically, one of the most lifelike animatronics, is actually doesn’t show many signs of life. In the Flight of Passage attraction, guests are linked to an Avatar so that they can ride on the backs of the giant Banshees. In the queue, we see one of these Avatars being created.

The animatronic looks amazing, but is also extremely creepy at the same time. It’s quiet, lifeless and laying in a vat of fluid, unaware that it’s being gawked at by countless humans from another planet.

The animatronic fits into the story of the lab, and the ride, and it makes the experience that much cooler. Of course, the ride kind of negates the need for all of that, but more on that in our review.

Pandora: The World of Avatar opens to guests on May 27th.


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