Coaster Obsession: Christmas is celebrated by theme parks, too!


Christmas isn’t just celebrated by Christians! Theme Parks across the country celebrate Christmas and they put their own style to it. From Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, to deep south-hot-as-hell, Florida, Christmas is celebrated! Christmas is probably my second favorite time of year (haunt season being my first) because theme parks go out of their way and dress up their parks to show their Christmas spirit.

Some parks are just catching onto the frenzy, like Busch Gardens Williamsburg who will be celebrating their first Christmas event this year, Christmas Town. But this article isn’t about Christmas Town, it’s really about Busch Gardens Tampa and Magic Kingdom.

I bet you $5 you didn’t see that one coming! So.. Cough up the cash!

The shop of Horror at Busch Gardens Tampa has transformed into Santa’s Workshop.. And it still smells like Horror! Funny, I say. James was able to get out to Busch Gardens Tampa and get some pictures of the shop – and it looks pretty cool! The shop seems well set-up. I hope the rest of Busch Gardens Tampa will be as in-spirit as this gift shop is!

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Disney celebrates Christmas too. At the Magic Kingdom, they doll up Cinderella’s Castle with beautiful lights, put up some sweet decorations, and some Christmas Trees. Okay, so I’m sure they do more, but from what I’ve seen, they’ve got some killer decorations, lighting.. and more decorations. Hopefully I’ll be able to check out this event. I went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in 2006 and thought it was really cool.

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Christmas is awesome. I love theme parks. What a great combonation!