A look inside Pat O’Briens at Universal Orlando’s Citywalk


A common perception of bars is dirty to begin with. Loud music, tons of alcohol, dirty dancing, and guys looking to pick up chicks. While Citywalk does have bars and clubs, Pat O’Briens does not fit the typical stereotype for “dirty bars”.

Pat O’Briens is located inside of Citywalk up the stairs and can be a fun place to be. The dueling piano players pump up the crowd and get them interacting with the songs, even if the whole crowd doesn’t know the song. The piano players are the life of the party at Pat O’Briens.

I tried a Hurricane, which was probably the most popular drink in the bar on the night of my visit, as they are served in tall souvenir glasses, which you can choose to keep or leave. A Hurricane in the souvenir glass will run you about $10. It includes four shots of rum, a cherry, an orange slice, and the rest is ice and cranberry mixings. While I’m not a huge fan of cranberry, this drink is quite delicious, but the presence of the rum is very strong.

I really enjoyed Pat O’Briens over Rising Star (stay tuned for a review of it as well). The atmosphere was very comfortable, the music was great, and the drinks were good. The only part of the bar that isn’t all that likable is the amount of seating compared to the crowd. The cover charge for Pat O’Briens is $7.

Here’s a few tips if you plan on visiting Pat O’Briens:
*Arrive early. Seating is limited and can be hard to get once the bar starts getting busier.
*Ask for a drink menu to see a list of their available drinks. They don’t keep menus on the table.
*If you got a drink in the souvenir glass, you have the choice to take it home with you. If you choose to take it home, they will put it in a box and a bag for you so you’re not carrying around a glass cup with you all night. They make nice souvenirs too!
*If you plan on club/bar hopping, invest in a party pass. They cost $11.99 and cover your “at the door” fees for most of the clubs. Click here to find out how to get a free party pass!