Win $15,000 by Donating to Charity and Helping Children Have Christmas


Christmas is almost here, but unfortunately it won’t come for every child out there that celebrates it. For some it will be just another day, though it might be a little sadder. Enter the Love Doctors Charities’ Toy Drive Marathon. The first half took place Wednesday at Millers Ale House in Jupiter, FL. The second half will take place Friday December 3rd at Waldo’s in Vero Beach, FL. You may know Vero Beach, FL as the home of the Disney Vero Beach Resort. That’s the theme park connection. Everything else is just personal.

The Love Doctors is a long running talk show on WZZR out of West Palm Beach that gives listeners the chance to “Call in and talk about whatevers on your mind.” The show has been around for about 20 years in South Florida and have morphed the “Love Doctors” from South Florida’s radio Jesters to being concerned, yet entertaining citizens of the community.
The Love Doctors Charities have been serving the communities of South Florida for 17 years when the shows hosts “Dr.” Rich and Glenn decided to stay on the air until they filled a van with toys. It morphed into a straight marathon and went from a once a year activity to a year round mission to serve the community. The Love Doctors Charities not only provide the less fortunate with toys, but also provide school supplies to new teachers, Support for programs targeting at risk children, and providing assistance to families struggling with medical or financial challenges.
So, what does a South Florida Charity run by a grumpy “dick”, a fat oaf, a clueless airhead and a greaseball have to do with a Theme Park website?* Absolutely nothing. They need your help, they are trying to raise money to buy toys for 9,000 children this year. But as many things, the economy is keeping them flat. Plus, everyone has their hand out and it’s hard to support everyone. On top of all that, you probably want to keep your money local. Well, there are 15,000 reasons for you to make at least a ten dollar donation. Your donation this year could win you $15,000 cash. Raffles and donations are all part of the Toy Drive and this year they have a doozy with the chance to win $15,000 cash.
To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit the official Love Docs Charities website wehre you can view their Ebay auctions, and purchase Raffle tickets.

They support our community and we support them, so buy your tickets today!

*If you have listened to the show you’ll know these are not insults but terms of endearment. Remember it’s just a show.