Mach Tower Tops the List for Most Anticipated Attraction of 2011


We asked a few weeks ago what your most anticipated attraction this year was going to be. With several coasters opening,( including Florida’s first multi-launch coaster), plus the Little Mermaid Dark Ride at Disneyland, it was a bit surprising to see what folks were actually looking forward to the most. But in the end it was falling from the top that topped the list.

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As you can see Mach Tower takes the top place while Cheetah Hunt at sister park BGT takes second.
Mach Tower, manufacturer by Moser’s Rides, will top Griffon and become the tallest attraction in the park, taking riders to heights of 246 feet. The tower will rotate guests above Oktoberfest, and then plunge them to the ground. State of the art special effects will include enhanced audio and vibrating seats.

Mach Tower is definitely a departure from the normal atmosphere and theme of the rest of the park’s attractions as it doesn’t seem to have any discernible theme, but at 246 feet above what’s voted as “The World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” do you really need a theme? It seems that all you need to do is have the courage to open your eyes and take a look around the park before you get dropped right back down.

And now we get to take a look at Mach Tower, images courtesy of Busch Gardens Williamsburg:

For more information including tickets visit the official website!