Busch Gardens performs pull through testing on Cheetah Hunt


Work on Cheetah Hunt still continues to progress. Since our update on Saturday, so much more has been completed. Painting has been done to the station to match the rest of the station, as well as more work to the Skyride. The tower has finally been lowered and now they’re re-installing the arms where the cable rests. On a side note, Busch Gardens took a major step in the construction process today.

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The park performed what is known as “pull through” testing. Pull through testing, for those of you who may not know, is when the train is pulled around the track with something around the train to simulate guests’s arms being in the air to ensure there is enough clearance for the train to safely pass through low-clearance areas. Pull through testing is very important and a crucial safety test.

Busch Gardens released a set of their own photos of pull through testing.

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