Thrill Weekly Poll-Nominate Your Favorite Attraction for Ride of the Year!


It’s Monday, which means time for another poll! This week we want to know what you think the best attraction was this year. Was it a coaster at Cedar Point? Perhaps it was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Maybe it was a show! Whatever it was we want to know. This starts off the two stage voting that is the Readers Choice.

The Readers Choice Award gives you the power to nominate who you would like to see in the running for the Attraction of the Year. We will leave the poll open for a week, and let you write in your choice for Best Attraction.
Simply click the “Other” choice on the poll below and type in the name of the attraction and the park that the attraction is. If you don’t type in the name of the park, we can’t count it. There’s how many Goliaths and Windseekers? Type in the name of the ride or show and the park it’s located in. It’s that simple!

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Next week we will take the 30 attractions with the most nominations and let you vote on the ONE that deserves the title of “Attraction of the Year”.
We recommend to all fans and parks to promote the fact that you have a shot at being nominated for “Attraction of the Year” through Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media outlets.
The more you promote, the more votes you receive! Good Luck and have fun!