Thrill Weekly Poll-Park Specific Fansite of the Year 2011


Last week we took a look at the best theme park news site of the year. So many people nominated a lot of great sites, the only problem is that they were all park specific. They all dealt almost exclusively with one park or park chain. In response we decided to give those park specific fansites their very own poll! We’ve nominated 15 of the biggest and most talked about theme park fansites and put them up for your vote.

So which site best represents theme park fandom? Which site has the most useful information and friendliest people posting? This is where you decide!
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This is an all new poll, and one we hope that everyone really has fun with! We’re all fans of theme parks, but some fans levitate more to Disney, Cedar Point or Six Flags. But we all share that theme park spirit. There are many many more theme park fansites out there, and we’re sorry we can’t nominate all of them. Our criteria for nominees are as follows:

  • On the web for more than a year
  • More than 75% of coverage must be about one specific park or chain (i.e.-Disney)
  • The site must have regular main page updates. At least one in the past month, and several in the past three months.
  • Must have a main page that is updated on a regular basis. Forums are great, but they can be filled with inaccurate information and opinions. Some facts are needed
  • Must have a social Media Presence (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Must interact with readers on the website, either through active comments or forums. Feedback is very important
  • Main page must consist of original content. Copy and pasting press releases, or content from other websites does not qualify as original content.
Congratulations to all who have been nominated. If we missed someone you think should be nominated, let us know and we’ll take a look at them. However we reserve the right to not include a site in the list and to disqualify a site for any reason at all.
We recommend that all sites, and fans of the sites promote the fact that you are nominated. The more you promote, the more votes you receive!
Have fun and Good Luck!