Behind the Thrills presents: The reveal of Halloween Horror Nights 22 with Horror Night Nightmares


It has literally been almost a year since we did our last podcast. Erik and I have been in talks of bringing the show back upon popular demand, but time constraints and life just get in the way sometimes. With the reveal of Halloween Horror Nights happening on August 30th, we figured we would bring the show back.. with a bang.

We will be teaming up with Mark and Jen from Horror Night Nightmares and hosting a live show and chat beginning at 11:30pm ET on Wednesday, August 29th, that will last until approximatley 12:30am ET on Thursday, August 30th. We will be chatting about several Horror Nights related topics, including our thoughts on the event, and going into detail on each and every house, scarezone, and show. It’s something you’ll regret if you miss!

So, how do you listen?

It’s easy! Due to the extreme popularity of last year’s show, we have increased the number of locations (and chat rooms) where you can listen to our show live. If one chat room becomes full, you can always try another.

  1. Behind the Thrills – We have the player embedded on our website, as well as a chat room. You will need a Twitter or a Facebook account to log in a chat. It’s free, so no worries! Our chat will begin at 11pm.
  2. Horror Night Nightmares – HNN’s chat will begin at 8pm, so you can begin your pre-announcement party there. You can continue to chat there while you listen to the show live, as Mark and Jen will be embedding our live player into the chat. You will need an account to chat, but it’s also free!
  3. TalkShoe – We are actually using TalkShoe to host our live shows, currently. It has it’s own chat room and listen area. You MAY need an account to chat as well, but it’s also free. The chat will begin at 11pm.

We will even have a live call in number where you can call and ask questions. We will be sure to post the call in information when we begin to take calls. Long distance rates may apply.