Thrill Weekly Poll:Reader’s Choice-Attraction of the Year:Nominate your Favorite Attraction!


Great attractions make for great theme parks, it goes hand in hand. Whether it’s a coaster, dark ride, water ride, or walkthrough attraction there is something for everyone. This week we celebrate the attractions, by putting the nominations in your hands. In our annual Readers Choice Poll, you nominate your favorite theme park attraction! So what will it be? Write it in and tell us!


It’s really easy, just fill in the blank below with the name of the attraction and the park it’s located in. You must include both, or it will not be counted. The top 30 nominations will be entered into our poll next week, where you will be able to vote for the Attraction of the Year!


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Last year Quassi Park took home the golden shark with their brand new, and surprising family coaster-Wooden Warrior! Will the Wooden Warrior be strong enough to stand up to the slew of new attractions, and classics that may want vengeance? Nominate today!

Attractions that will be considered for nomination will be those that are currently operating. While Full Throttle and Gatekeeper are sure to be great coasters, they aren’t born yet…save them for next year. And yes, JAWS holds a special candle in our hearts as well, but the big guy doesn’t count for this poll either.

Congratulations to all of the nominees! We recommend that all parks and fans share on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media outlets. Make sure to get everyone writing in their favorite attraction! This poll will determine the finalists for the Attraction of the Year in our annual “Thrill Weekly Awards” which are to be announced in January. The poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST on December9th, 2012.

Good luck, and have fun!